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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One Month and Counting!

I really can't believe that Hampton turned a full MONTH OLD last week! It seems like yesterday when I was being pushed into an operating room to have him! It's amazing how the time flies. I guess there is some truth to the saying "time flys when you're having fun!" It has been so much fun getting to spend time with my sweet boy. I'll be sad when realtiy hits and I have to go back to work but somebody has to pay for all these cute clothes that I can't resist buying!!! Ha. Here are a few recent pictures...

One Month Old!

Mom, why am I wearing this dressy outfit and we have no where to go?!

I love my play mat!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hampton Meets More Friends & Family

Hampton has had some busy weeks meeting more of his favorite friends and family. It was very speical getting to introduce him to his great grandparents. It's not everyday that you have 2 sets of great grandparents - David's grandparents and my grandmother. My Grandmother was so nice to make the trip from Texas to meet her greatgrandson. We had a great visit while she was here and I know Hampton loved getting to meet her! It was also very special getting to show off our sweet boy to David's Grandparents. David's Grandmother enjoyed holding Hampton, she didn't want to give him back! :)

We have enjoyed the visits from other friends around town. We also made a trip to Memphis to see some of my parents good friends. He did great on the car ride - slept the whole way. We also experienced our first "photo shoot". That was a trip! Of course he sleeps ALL THE TIME, but when we were wanting one shot of him sleeping, he's WIDE AWAKE! It was a long photo shoot, to say the least. But we ended up getting LOTS of great pictures, both awake and finally asleep! I can't wait to see the proofs this week.

It is amazing how fast these babies grow up!! I can't believe Hampton will be 1 month tomorrow! YIKES! Anyway, I just wanted to post some updated pictures of our sweet boy. I'm sure more pictures will be posted soon, I always seem to have the camera nearby these days! Until next time, HUGS!!!

Hampton loved Carolyn!


I love this one

Hampton enjoyed meeting Mayers!
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Hampton loves his BeckB!

Hampton and Herrin meet...BFFs!

Say Cheese! I can't wait for them to see this picture when they are older -
One day they will be the same size, haha.

In deep thought
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Show us your muscles!

Hampton with the Great-Grandparents (Blanks side)

A happy Great Grandmother

Who knew I birthed a pilgrim - haha, sweet boy!
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Four Generations on the York side

Family Pic


So comfy!
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Hampton holding his GG's hand


I'm sure they were giving Hampton some encouraging words

He was very comfy in GG's arms
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