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Friday, October 16, 2009

Hampton James Blanks

Well, it's official...Meet Hampton James Blanks! We have decided on a name, YAY! I'm so glad I can finally call him something other than "Blank Blanks"!
I had a sonogram this morning and everything looked great. He is very camera shy and continues to cross his little legs but she was able to see the "parts" again and she also saw the kidneys (which is what she couldn't see last time and was the reason I got to have another sonogram). He kicked and moved his little arms around while we did the sonogram (the bottom picture above shows him sucking his thumb or something) was really neat! Other than that, the doctor visit was good - minus the stand on the scale part!!! It is really disgusting having to get on the scale and read the number that pops up!!
Anyway, we are so thankful that Hampton is a healthy baby! I hope this message finds all of you well!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Belly Bump - 21 Weeks

Well, I'm not one to post "solo" pics for everyone to see but everyone keeps asking me to do so.....well, there you go. THE BUMP! It officially arrived several weeks ago and continues to grow each day! It's no longer about "what are you going to wear today" but "what will fit today"!!! I guess that is just the JOY of pregnancy! I'm only half way there and can't wait until I can go shopping for regular clothes again! But it's all worth it!
I have a doctor's appointment on Friday and they will do another sonogram. I'm excited to see how much he has grown in the past 4 weeks. I will post pictures when I can.

Other than that, everything is clicking along! Nothing new to report. His name is still "Blank Blanks" because we have not come to an official agreement BUT I'm pretty sure my favorite is going to stick. We'll see! I hope everyone has a great week!