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Monday, February 15, 2010

Hampton's First Few Days of Life!

Here are some pictures of Hampton's first few days of life! We are so thankful to everyone that came to visit at the hospital or sent flowers and goodies! Although the wonderful nurses at the hospital took GREAT care of us, we were so excited to get home! We were very excited to introduce Hampton to our sweet girl, Bella. She has been really sweet to Hampton and has been following us wherever we go! She might be a little jealous but I think she will get used to the new addition! We have had fun getting use to our new "lifestyle" and getting all the baby stuff out to use. I guess you could say our house has been babyfied! We went for our 2 day check up today and Hampton checked out great! He gained 3 ounces! YAY! We're so fortunate to have a healthy baby boy!
Our sweet boy!

Three genereations

Tatum was so nice to come visit! Hampton can't wait to meet Herrin!

Hampton loved getting to see Genny at the hospital! So glad she is next door to answer all my "mommy questions"!!
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"Hey Woo, I LOVE YOU!!"

Shuggy can't get enough

The best aunt, Mary!

Elizabeth was so sweet to come visit!
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Hampton loves his cousin Abby!

Proud Daddy!

"My Poppy loves me!"

David was the BEST daddy ever! He changed every diaper while we were in the hospital! This was one of many!!
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Hampton loves his Shuggy

"Hmm, this is what you look like Mama"

All swadled up

Relaxing with Daddy
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Hampton came home in the same outfit that my Dad wore home from the hospital and that Mary and I wore home from the hospital. So sweet! Thank you mom and Grandmother for saving and sharing this beautiful gown!!

Leaving the hospital, see the snow outside our window!

Bella was so sweet with him

She had to get a lick in!
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Bella was very interested in her new brother.

First time at home with the whole family!

Our front door

The stork the church put in our yard
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He loves his swing. Thank you Aunt Caroline and Uncle Bob!!

David with both his babies

Hampton is wearing the shirt Mary bought him that says "My Aunt Loves Me". Sweet Mary!!

It must be a good dream
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