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Friday, June 18, 2010

Hampton Can "Talk"

So Hampton has learned he has a "voice". He "talks" all the time now and it cracks us up. I'm sure the day will come VERY soon when we will be ready for him to turn these sounds into words! The screams, oohs and ahhs could get very old!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Future Michael Phellps

We have had lots of fun introducing Hampton to the water. He LOVES it!! I guess it would be kind of relaxing sitting in someone's arms dipped in the water or floating in a covered raft on a hot summer day! What a life! Too bad we can't remember when we are four months old. But I'm glad I have discovered this "activity" to save us from some of those "fussy" momments...we might be up at the pool a lot more than we thought!

First family POOL pic

Not sure what my mommy fingers were going for...

Smith & Hampton

Don't worry mom, his hat was only off for a few seconds to take these pics!
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Swimming must be theraputic...he napped the whole time!

Chillin in his turtle float
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