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Thursday, October 7, 2010

So, thank you to Brad and Abby for reminding me tonight that I have a blog! It just about slipped my mind until they mentioned that Abby likes to get on it and look at updated pictures/videos of Hampton. I've been such a BAD BLOGGER! So here you go Abby, a few NEW pictures of your 8 months looking for the 8 month photos around Christmas time, haha....just kidding - I'll try to be a BETTER BLOGGER!!!!

First Attempt of taking the "7 month" photo....he's more interested in eating the sign....

2nd Attempt....maybe if I give him another piece of paper to play with he will forget about the real "7 month" sign..

3rd Attempt...maybe we should tape the "7 month" sign to something and then distrachim so he forgets it's there...

4th Attempt...we have a winner! Yay, Hampton!
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Woo loves to put his Ole Miss hat on me

Shug and Woo taking Hampton to the Grove, GO REBS!

"I got to meet Colonel Reb!!!"

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Gaines, Hampton, Smith and Herrin ... future BFFs! I know Herrin is ready for the other boys to catch up to his size!! They will look at this and laugh one day!


I love sitting up and playing with all my toys!

"Mom, why have you spent all this money on my toys when all you need to do is give me your cell phone! I like it better than any other toy scattered around this house!"

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